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2face and Annie Dubai Wedding

Bloggers Diary- How a guy embarrassed his girlfriend over 26,000naira

OMG! I witnessed the most hilarious scene ever and I couldn't wait to
get home and share it with you all. I was at Shoprite Ikeja around
7:30pm and this cute looking couple were beside me. The lady,
light=skinned, Brazilian hair, Bold 5.

The guy was dangling a car key.Big boy apparently. I noticed them
because of the large amount of purchases they had in their trolley and
while searching for a less crowded line,theirs seemed to be fair
So, I stood and she began to offload her purchases on the cash
counter.Meanwhile,the guy was just standing.At a point in time, he
placed his hand on her shoulder. She then took a snicker chocolate bar
and added to the lot. The guy smiled. I rolled my eyes
The cashier then said "26,185 thousand.

Then the girl was putting the purchases in the bags,The guy was
standing,the cashier was waiting,,our line was getting longer.
The girl then looked at the guy and said"Honey,pay now".
The guy froze."You are kidding me right?"I should pay""

The lady now embarrassed repeated in pidgin "Ah ah.i told you i was
coming to shop nah".

Oh boy,this guy just turned around like film trick and walked out
leaving the lady so shocked and her light skinned face turned red.

The cashier now said "Are you paying so I can attend to other
customers""? The lady bit her finger and said "Erm,hey,erm..hey you
know what,I'll be right back"She dropped the things and left..
Trust Naija people,,they rained insults on her in all
languages.."Ashawo,Oloshi,dan iska stupid girl Ndiara,gold digger"

That was the most embarrassing scene ever. If only she had the money
to bail herself, it wouldn't haven't been so bad..
My friends have argued that they probably had a problem at home,I
think they just met. No guy will walk out on his real girl like that.
Worse case scenario,they'll drop a few things..
Anyway, Ladies,always have some extra cash on you..always…

Liverpool FC’s Pepe Reina welcomes baby boy

Liverpool FC goalkeeper Pepe Reina has welcomed a new baby into his household.
Reina posted the picture of his baby on his official Facebook page,
saying 'I present to you our jewel in the crown Thiago Reina Ruiz.
Thanks for your care and congratulations. Definitely one of the best
days of my life. Big hugs'.
Pepe Reina has three other kids with his wife Yolanda.

Is Kourtney Kardashian Considering Being A Surrogate For Khloe?

Khloe Kardashian has made no secret of her heartbreaking struggle to
fall pregnant, and now her sister Kourtney is considering being her
surrogate. The 28-year-old has tried conceiving naturally and also
with fertility treatments since marrying her husband Lamar Odom in
2009. Kourtney, 33, has two children Mason and Penelope with her
partner Scott Disick while sister Kim, 32, is pregnant with her first
child with Kanye West.

In a preview for the upcoming episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,
the eldest Kardashian raises the possibility of 'being a surrogate for
Khloe,' in a conversation with Scott.

She asks him: 'How would that make you feel?' In another preview clip,
Khloe is seen talking to her stepbrother Brandon Jenner and his wife,
Leah Felder, about her infertility.

She said: 'About a year ago, we were like, "Let's just see what
happens." And then when it didn't happen, Kim was like, "Let's go to
the doctor.'" 'I found out I don't ovulate, and now my uterus lining
isn't thick enough and I have to take pills to make my uterus lining
thicker. If that doesn't get thicker, then I cannot carry a baby.'
Kourtney, who was present but silent during the exchange, later said:
'I overhear Khloe talking about her pregnancy drama, and she never
really talks to me about it anymore. 'I kind of don't really ask her,
because I don't want to always bother her. It just makes me sad that
she has to struggle with getting pregnant.'

Music: D’banj – Don’t Tell Me Nonsense (Full Version)

Road To DKM.
Dbanj presents his fan with the full version of ‘don’t tell me nonsense’…

Saturday, 30 March 2013


Not one to be caught dead riding in the same egg wheelchair twice ...
Lady Gaga celebrated turning the ripe old age of 27 by getting carted
away in her new pimped out Louis Vuitton whip in Chicago on Thursday.

The Fame Monster has been recovering in the lap of luxury ever since
undergoing hip surgery a few weeks ago.

She was previously spotted cruising around in a 24-karat gold plated wheelchair.

Gaga knows a pain in the ass -- and its surrounding bones -- don't come cheap.

Kim Kardashian Talks Baby Names, Addresses Haters


Kim Kardashian has one thing to say to everyone criticizing her pregnancy weight gain: There's just more of me to love!

While the reality star has been catching a lot of flack lately for her growing baby bump (and hit-or-miss maternity style), she's trying not to stress out about it.

"I've always been curvy and I've always embraced my curves," she told 
Jay Leno last night. "Now there's just more to love. I have the rest of my life to be skinny and lose weight and I'm not really worrying about it."

While on 
"The Tonight Show," Kim also revealed one of her favorite baby names for her and Kanye West's son or daughter ... and no, it's not North, but it's close.

Check out the name in the video above -- what do you think? 

KRS easter Break Snapshots Contest WOOOOOOOOO!

Check out all the party pictures that flowed into the KRS newsroom for
our Spring Break Snapshots Contest. It's almost like you're there ...
just without the sunburn, hangover or regret!

Be sure to check back on Monday to vote for which spring break pic
will score the N250K check and the insane prize package from the

Two brothers docked for slicing neighbour’s scrotum over N200

For 22-year-old Sunday Onyike, a Business Administration student of
Yaba College of Technology, Yaba-Lagos, the hope of successfully
rounding up his programme with the his peers have been dashed.

This is because of the prolonged treatment he has been receiving
since March, 2011 as a result of serious injury he sustained during a
scuffle with his neighbours identified as Augustine Eleyi, 28, and
Emeka Eleyi, 32, from Ohozara in Mgbo Ebonyi State.
Sunday, the only son of his parents from Ohafia in AbiaState, had his
scrotum slashed off during a fight with two of his neighbours.

Narrating the circumstances that led to the problem to Crime Guard at
their Makoko residence, the father of the victim, Onyike Okpara,65,
stated; "I have been living in this compound since 1970. I had five
children but only two are alive; that is Sunday and his younger sister
who works at LagosIsland.

I occupy two rooms in the building, one room which I sleep in, and the
other at the back of the building, where my children sleep. When ever
my daughter comes home from work, she buys and shares biscuits, sweets
and gala to our neighbour's children. So, the children always look
forward to her returning from work.

More so, when ever she is sharing these goodies to the children, two
of our neighbours, Augustine Eleyi and his elder brother, Emeka Eleyi
(who normally sits on the chair I kept in front of my children's room
at the boys quarters to smoke Indian hemp), would always walk up to
them, grab what ever is within their grasp, and flee. Instead of them
to ask, they would grab what ever they can and run away. My daughter
complained about this to me, and I had called and cautioned them to
desist from such act, but they would not listen.

On the evening of March 1st, 2011, she was seated at the boys'
quarters with some children sharing some gala when Augustine Eleyi,
came and as usual, grabbed one gala and ran away.

My daughter pursued him and in the process, N200 fell from his pocket.
She picked it up and said it would serve as a payment for all the
gala and biscuits he has been snatching from them.

Later on, on a second thought, she decided to give him back the money
as she thought it was not worth it.

Having searched around for him, and not knowing of his whereabouts,
she decided to give him the money the next day.

On the evening of that day which was the 2nd of March, 2011, after she
got back from work, she took the money to him at the boys quarters,
but he said he does not want it anymore. At that point, an argument
ensued between them, during which his younger brother, Emeka Eleyi
collected the money from my daughter.

As the argument continued, my son Sunday who was in the room preparing
for the next day's lecture, told his sister to let the matter be, and
go to our main room and sleep, while he asked Augustine and Emeka to
leave the place because they were disturbing him with their noise.

Augustine asked him if the place looked like his school hostel, that
if he wants to read, he should pack his books and go to his school
hostel. As the argument raged, he slapped my son, who grabbed him on
his shirt asking 'what have I done to you'?, Emeka rushed to them
pretending as if we was going for peace only for him to grab my son's
two hands, while Augustine rushed and fetched a sharp object, and used
it to slash my son's scrotum.

I feel he actually wanted to cut off his male organ, but missed. My
son's cry of agony attracted the attention of passersby, because part
of the compound is a thoroughfare; it was these passersby that ran to
inform us at the other side of the building.

I ran to the place and met my son in a pool of his blood. On sighting
us, the culprits bolted. I wanted to run after them but I was weakened
by the sight of my son lying in pains, in the pool of his blood.

I also thought, if I go after them at that point, what would be the
fate of my son when I get back, hence I opted to stay back, with the
help of the other neighbours and some of our church members, my son
was rushed to the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID,
Panti, Yaba, from where we obtained a note to take him to the
hospital. At that time, the GeneralHospital was on strike, we brought
my son back to Adekunle Police Station, and they asked us to find a
private hospital and take him there.

So, we took him to a private hospital at Iwaya. Augustine and Emeka
were later apprehended by neighbours who went after them, and handed
over to the police."

Crime Guard learnt that the case has been at the Yaba Magistrate's
Court since 2011. Onyike Okpara further told our reporter that for
one month his son was at the hospital in Iwaya, the Eleyi family only
contributed N15,000 for the medical bills. He stated, "after the
initial N15,000 installment they brought when Sunday was taken to the
hospital, I have not heard from them.

Three times, my pastor and family called them to seek out ways to
settle the matter amicably; when they come, they will be dribbling us,
they will promise to contribute to the medical bills but we wont hear
from them after that. I have so far spent almost N200,000, I have the
medical bill to prove that".

He also alleged that some members of the Eleyi family have threatened
him to accept their term of payment, which is to pay N40,000, as their
contribution; and withdraw the case from court. He stated, "On
November 18, 2012 at about 9:30pm, they sent six men, out of which I
recognized three, they came asking me to sign a document, I could not
properly read through because of my poor sight, at that time of the

One of them practically told me that " so many people die in Lagos
every day, and their corpses are never discovered; I would want your
corpse to be found". What he meant by that, I do not know. I don't
feel safe anymore.

First, they tried to take my son away, now they are threatening me to
accept a condition I don't think any of them would accept if it were
their son that was involved."

Counsel to the defendant, Worer Obuagbaka, on his part told Crime
Guard that what happened between the defendant and the complainant was
unfortunate. According to him, they have been living peacefully
together for some years, what we are trying to do is to see if we can
settle the case amicably." He said the defendants have been granted
bail but are still in police custody because they have not been able
to perfect their bail.

Lover stabs 24-year old girlfriend to death

A 24-year-old girl, Miss Tosin Alabi, has reportedly been stabbed to
death by her male partner over some unsolved issues.

Tosin, an apprentice in a computer institute was stabbed by her boy
friend(name withheld at a popular hotel in Ado Ekiti a couple of days

Reasons why Tosin's lover decided to sniff life out of her girlfriend
was not known as at the time of going to the press, but Saturday
Vanguard gathered that the two friends had gone to the hotel to cool
off but the male friend refused to fulfill the promise made to the

Other clients in the hotel did not know when the trouble started
between the lovers that it resulted to loss of a life.

According to the elder brother of the deceased, Elder Owolabi Paul,
who spoke to journalists in Ado-Ekiti yesterday, the incident occurred
on Saturday, March 24, at a popular hotel in the town.

His words, "On Sunday, March 24, a friend of Toyin called us to inform
us that she was stabbed to death with broken bottle at a hotel in
Ado-Ekiti and that we should go to the State Teaching Hospital to see
her corpse in the hospital's morgue. We went there and confirmed her

According to him, findings at the hotel revealed that trouble broke
out between the lovers following alleged refusal of the boyfriend to
fulfill an earlier promise made to the girl before sex.

Tosin was said to have challenged her boy friend on the need to redeem
his pledge and demanded that he fulfilled his earlier promise.
Saturday Vanguard further gathered that the male friend shortly after
this headed for empty bottles with which he allegedly used to stab
Toyin at the neck and buttocks.

Consequently,the deep cut suffered by the deceased resulted into
profuse bleeding.She was said to have been rushed to a nearby hospital
but due to the absence of doctors to attend to her, Tosin was rushed
to the State Teaching Hospital where she finally gave up the ghost.

The family of the deceased has pleaded with the police and other
security operatives to carry out a thorough investigation into the
mysterious death of their daughter.

According to Elder Owolabi , police are yet to make any arrest since
the killing was reported at the Ologede Police Station, Ajilosun,

He expressed his disappointment that the police had not invited the
owner of the hotel for questioning since the report was lodged since

"By now, the police ought to have been made some arrest including the
owner of the hotel. The police said the father of Tosin's boy friend
was arrested but later released. We don't know why they (police)
should release the father whose son stabbed our sister.

"We want the police to do a thorough job; we are suspecting a foul
play. The police is not making any effort to get to the root of the
matter and we are disappointed," the family's spokesman lamented.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Victor Babayemi, was not
forthcoming ,as he said he was out of the state when a call was put on
his mobile phone,the PPRO promised to link this reporter to another
officer who will respond on his behalf But the officer But as at the
time of filing the story he was yet to do so

Someone killed my son, hanged his corpse, says nine-year-old boy’s mother

The family of Henry Goodness is still to come to terms with the fate
that has befallen them. The nine-year-old boy allegedly committed
suicide, throwing the entire neighborhood of Angwan Yashi in Tudun
Wada, Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State into anguish.

They are also baffled at how a promising boy could terminate his life abruptly.

Henry's body was found lying on the ground of the compound around
3.30pm on Tuesday by neighbours where he lived with his parents and
siblings, with the rope still tied around his neck. The parents were
not at home when the incident occurred.

However, his mother said she could not be fooled into believing that
he killed himself. She alleged that Henry was killed and a rope
apparently was put around his neck by the murderers to make it look
like a suicide.

At the time of his death, Henry was a primary one pupil of Messiah
Foundation Private School in Tudun Wada, Jos.

Hanatu, who spoke amid tears, said, "Nobody will tell me that my son
committed suicide because when I left him this morning he was full of
life. They have just finished their examination and he felt there was
no need to go to school. He was playing in the house.

"On Tuesday I went to the hospital with Henry's younger brother early
in the morning and I left him in the house. He was full of life. After
leaving the hospital, I went to visit my mother at Jenta Adamu and few
hours later I got a call from my husband informing me that our son had
been killed.

"I suspect foul play. I believe my son was killed and then his corpse
was hanged. My son can never do anything like that he was full of life
that morning. I'm calling on the police to do everything possible to
bring the killers of my son to book."

Not less perplexed was his uncle, Goodness, who said a neighbour
called him on phone to tell him of the tragedy.

"I rushed from my office to their house and saw the boy hanging in the
compound," he said.

The dead boy's grandfather, who called himself Pa Goodness, shared the
views of Henry's mother.

With tears dropping from his eyes, he said, "I suspect foul play. My
boy could not have hanged himself, not for any reason. The boy had no
problem at all. He had no reason to commit suicide. Something must
have gone wrong. I would also want them to conduct an autopsy on my

The house where the tragedy took place has over 20 tenants.

At Tudun Wada Police Station, our correspondent was told by a
policeman that the case had been transferred to the A division of the
state police command.

The state command's spokesman, DSP Adigun Salawu, told Saturday PUNCH
that the case had been referred to the State Criminal Investigation
Department for proper investigation.

Salami said the police were working on a theory that the boy committed
suicide because of the rope found around his neck.

H said. "We are working on the theory that he committed suicide, until
the parents come up with any evidence of foul play. However, we are
not ruling that out. We are exploring all angles to ensure that we get
to the root of the matter."

Fans angry at Tuface, Annie’s Dubai wedding

Tuface and Annie Idibia's fairy-tale Dubai wedding has come and gone
but obviously, some of his fans are not happy that the artiste and his
wife chose a foreign land as venue for their nuptials.

In a broadcast message that has been going round on Blackberry
smartphones and on Facebook and Twitter, the bitter fans expressed
their displeasure that though they had supported the artiste's musical
career over the years by buying his CDs in Nigeria, he took his
wedding ceremony to a place that was accessible to only invited guests
and family members.

The message reads, "We bought your compact discs then you went to get
married in Dubai where we can't eat your rice. How many Arabs have
brought their weddings down to Nigeria? Well, if you sing your next
song, get ready to go and sell it in Dubai – Angry Lagosians. "

More angry fans wrote, "I never knew or comprehended that Mr. 2face
Innocent Idibia had this spirit of wickedness in him. We have been
encouraging him even when he was nothing till now that he felt that he
has arrived. 2Face, we all bought every CD you have ever played, paid
for all the shows your attended, devoted our time to listen to all
your songs. Even when the songs may not meet our expectations, as an
encouragement, we continued to listen to them. Yet you didn't show us
appreciation. 2Face, let's ask you a question. How many Arabs have
bought your CDs or listened to any of your songs? Annie Macaulay's
parents are not Arabs to say your chose Arab-land because of proximity
to her parents. With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding
to Dubai so that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your
mineral (non-alcoholic drinks) or even our local beer. You know for
sure that most of your fans can't afford tickets to Dubai. You denied
your fans who bought and paid for your CDs and shows the generational
opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because you are sure
that we fans are not important. Nigeria is not good enough to host a
celebrity wedding. Tomorrow, your friends and colleagues in the
entertainment industry who are natural copy-cats will join the trend
of wasting our foreign exchange in countries that see Nigerians as
nobodies. Well, let's tell you, get ready to sell your next album in
Dubai, perform all your new shows in Arab, with new found Arab fans.
As for us, we will not buy or patronise your music ever, again."

Rihanna named most influential pop star… disses Beyonce via instagram photo

Rihanna was just named UK's most influential pop star ahead of
Beyonce, who came in second.
She posted the news on her instagram page then basically told Beyonce
to bow down, bitch. LMAO.
Talking about Karma. Y'all can still remember Beyonce's Bow Down lyrics. Right?

Chris brown dumps Rihanna for the oft-time.

Chris was interviewed by Radio station, Power 106 While promoting his
new album X, he revealed in the interview with LA's Power 106 radio
station that he and Rihanna have broken up. On March 29, the radio
station tweeted, "'Are you still w/ @Rihanna?' @ChrisBrown: 'Uh,
no-that's the short answer' just now to @BigBoy POWER 106 LA @TuneIn."
The interview will air on April 1.
Chris gear up to face Jay Z.

Harry Potter actor Griffiths dies

Richard Griffiths was one of the great British stage actors of his
generation, a heavy man with a light touch, whether in Shakespeare or
Neil Simon. But for millions of movie fans, he will always be grumpy
Uncle Vernon, the least magical of characters in the fantastical
"Harry Potter" movies.
Griffiths died on Thursday at University Hospital in Coventry, central
England from complications following heart surgery, his agent, Simon
Beresford, said.
He was 65.
"Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe paid tribute to the actor Friday,
saying that "any room he walked into was made twice as funny and twice
as clever just by his presence."
"I am proud to say I knew him," Radcliffe said.
Griffiths won a Tony Award for "The History Boys" and appeared in
dozens of movies and TV shows.
But he will be most widely remembered as a pair of contrasting
uncles—Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon Dursley and Uncle Monty in cult
film "Withnail and I."
Griffiths was among a huge roster of British acting talent to appear
in the "Harry Potter" series of films released between 2001 and 2011.
His role, as the grudging, magic-fearing guardian of orphaned wizard
Harry, was small but pivotal

Davido finally finds love, thinks of her every morning

Awwwww, Davido is so inlove!

“Yes, I’m in love” – Balotelli reveals woman behind the new peace in his life

AC Milan and Italy striker, Mario Balotelli, has admitted that he is
truly in love with Fanny Neguesha, his new Belgian girlfriend and said
she is the "first woman I feel comfortable with".

The 22-year-old, also stated that he still wants a DNA test, which
will prove if the daughter of his ex, TV star/model Raffaella Fico is

"Yes, I am in love," Balotelli, who has been in sensational form for
club and country told Vanity Fair.

"In a short time she found herself in sync with me. I could spend my
whole life with someone like this."

On Pia, who Rafaella delivered four months ago, he said: "I'd like to
meet her. I have no intention of running away, I'd be truly happy if
she was my flesh and blood.

"However, I ask respect. There are complex legal issues to be faced."

Balotelli and 22-year-old Fanny have been dating for six months.

“The bad news is I’m epileptic” – Lil Wayne reveals reason for seizures

American rapper Lil Wayne, has revealed that he is epileptic and as as
result, he is prone to seizures when he doesn't have enough rest and
overworks himself.

Speculations have blamed use of sizzurps for the 30-year-old's
constant health issues, but in a new interview, Wayne, whose new LP, I
Am Not a Human Being II will be in stores on Tuesday, broke his
silence on the issue.

"The bad news is I'm epileptic so I'm prone to seizures," Wayne
explained. "This isn't my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth
or seventh seizure. I've had a bunch of seizures. Y'all just never
hear about them. But this time, it got real bad because I had three of
them in a row. With the third one, my heart rate went down to like 30
percent. The reason being for the seizures is just plain stress, no
rest and overworking myself."

Wayne also stated that he has never experienced three consecutive
seizures before and the last experience was more dangerous than the
previous cases.

"I have people around me. I've actually had [seizures] so much, they
already know what to do. They already expect it. They already know how
to handle it. Certain times I don't even go to the hospital but this
time it was real bad because, like I said, it was three in a row. I've
never had three back-to-back like that and the third one was so bad."

Pregnant Kim Kardashian admits difficulty coping with changes in her body

Pregnant Kim Kardashian insists she has not piled on too many pounds
since falling pregnant.

The mum to be who is due in July pictured in a black and white dress
with unusually low heeled shoes, yesterday, revealed that she found
the changes in her body hard to cope with.

However, she says: "I'm not going to lie and be like, 'Oh, it's been
amazing and I've adjusted great'.

"At the beginning it was tough for me when your body changes so much.
I don't think anyone will really prepare you for what the changes are,
but once you kind of grasp that and embrace it, it's amazing."

But the 32-year-old – expecting her first child with Kanye West –
denied reports she had ballooned to over 14 stone and said her diet is
healthier than ever.

"This is the time when everyone's like 'you should be pigging out,
eat whatever you want.' And I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love
junk food.

"Being pregnant I don't like any of it," Kim says about her pregnancy
cravings, revealing that she is eating lots of "carrots and celery and
ranch and like protein bars, gluten free stuff, sugar free stuff."

"I'm waiting for the moments when someone's like let's go to
McDonald's and Taco Bell — that's not happening for me and I'm kind of
sad about it."

The expectant mum also revealed that there's a 50/50 chance that the
baby will get a name beginning with K – like the rest of the

She said: "I think it would be really cute because Kanye and I are
both K's, so just for us and our family, not the Kardashian thing,
even if my mom never did that and it was just Kanye and I, I think it
would be cute if him and I went with the K name.

"But half the names on our list aren't K's we still have time,
whatever feels right Kanye being the father wants something that's

Yesterday Kim stuck with the comfy shoes as she went out for dinner
with Simon Huck in New York.

Parents Killed Daughter For Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock

A Kashmir-Pakistani couple has confessed to killing their 18 year old
daughter for getting pregnant out of wedlock.

The couple, who considered their daughter's action as a dishonour to
the family, had, on 14 March, declared their daughter missing to Kotli
City Police authorities, according to a BBC report.

But, the discovery of her chopped off body and dismembered head by
villagers gave the killer parent away.

Investigation later revealed the parent had partaken in "honour
killing' of their daughter on 6 March to preserve the family's

The parents confessed to the Police it was the reason they had chopped
off the deceased's body with an axe.

They dumped her body parts in the Poonch river, where villagers found
them and alerted the police.

"About five days later we found the head of the girl, which was
recognised by the villagers," Inspector Jameel of the Kotli City
Police said. He noted to the BBC that there had been an upsurge of the
once rare killings in the city, with the deceased being the third to
be reported in five months.

Last October, Policemen in the same Kotli district, arrested a couple
on suspicion of murdering their 15-year-old daughter
by dousing her with acid. The acid attack parents, believed to have
acted in "honour", confessed during police interrogation that they
killed their daughter for looking at a boy.

Aside the Kashmir region, Human Rights Commission, admitted honour
killing has gained frequency across Pakistan. About 843 and 943 women
were killed in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

[Credit: Fola Ademosu, with BBC Report]

Ngozi Nwosu Thankful For Surgery Success; Set To Return To Nigeria Soon

Few days after doctors released her from a London hospital, Nigerian
actress Ngozi Nwosu is very thankful to God and to her supporters who
donated the fund she needed to begin her medical treatment abroad.

The actress was quoted to have said she is really grateful to God who
healed her and her supporters worldwide who contributed on-time for
her treatment.

Ngozi Nwosu who has been placed under doctors watch after surgery is
set to return to Nigeria soon.

Before now, the actress battled rare Kidney and liver diseases that
required urgent medical treatment abroad.

Thanks to Lagos state government under the leadership of Governor
Babatunde Raji Fashola and other Nigerians who donated the money she

She travelled to London, UK few weeks ago for the highly needed
surgery which became successful.

Ngozi Nwosu was spotted two days ago on the streets of London with
Tokunbo Adebesin, the publisher of Tkbesh Magazine.

2face Idibia’s First Baby Mama, Pero Adeniyi Spotted In Lagos

Pero Adeniyi the first baby mama of Nigerian musician 2face Idibia who
is currently pregnant is now in Lagos.

Pero Adeniyi, a US-based socialite was spotted at a function in Lagos
recently where she reveals to friends she came to town for a business

She had a baby for 2face Idibia last year which makes her third child
for the star.

Pero and Tuface dated for several years before 2face finally
reconciles with Annie Macaulay.

The former lovers have three children together.

According to sources Pero Adeniyi has remarried secretly.

A source also said she is in her first trimester.

How possible? she had a baby last year.

Pero also has a daughter for her former husband Mr Tunde Borokini.

Lagbaja Unmasked Version 2013: Is This Bisade Ologunde’s Real Face?

The above photo of Lagbaja first surfaced last year. The picture was
released by sources close to Nigerian highlife singer Bisade Ologunde
aka Lagbaja who claim he masked his face after his family went against
his career choice.

He masked himself because of his family's opposition to his career and
to further protect his family's image in the church.

A source said he is the son of a baptist deacon and a former choir
member at his church in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Take a closer look at the above picture.

Do you think this is the real face of Lagbaja.

Can Lagbaja ever unmask himself?

Miss Nigeria 2013: Lagos Auditions Date & Registration Form Released (See Details)

Miss Nigeria 2013 beauty pageant contest is about to begin.

The audition date, and registration form for this year has been released.

Read the official Press Release from Miss Nigeria 2013 organisers below.

Miss Nigeria casting team has been touring around cities across the
country in search of the next queen. Created in 1957 Miss Nigeria
beauty pageant has discovered and made beauty queens such as Grace
Oyelude, Julie Coker, Helen Prest Ajayi, Binta Sukai, Vien Tetsola,
Sylva Edem, Ene Lawani and Damilola Agbajor into household names.
in its 38th year, African Telecommunications Network has brought this
epitome of African culture and tradition.

The contestants will not only carry a worthy title but will also serve
our great nation by becoming ambassadors and positive role models to
Nigerian women and Nigerians in the

At the end of the casting tour, 36 contestants will be selected to
part-take in the two-week reality TV show 'THE MAKING OF A QUEEN", in
which eliminations will take place leaving 21 ladies to compete for
one crown at the Grand finale.

Our ultimate goal is to choose a queen based on elegance, poise,
talent, intelligence and beauty.

Miss Nigeria 2013 Lagos Auditions Date & Venue




TIME: 11am-3pm


- All participants must be between the ages of 18 and 26 years old.

- All participants must be Nigerian citizens.

- -Participants must not be married, must not be mothers or pregnant.
must be of good health & moral character.

Participants must speak fluent English.


Application form
- Bank teller (proof of payment) of N2500

ID card or a copy of your Birth certificate

Account details: Miss Nigeria Pageant, Zenith Bank, Account Number: 1013193422

- 2 recent photographs (one head-to-shoulder and one full length).
Please note that pictures will not be returned.


To be considered for the 38th annual Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant, you
must complete the application form below in detail and bring to the
casting venues. The FINAL deadline for application is march 2013.

Download the form here, print it out, fill it and bring to the casting
venue together with
the other documents mentioned above.

applicants can also apply from outside Nigeria by submitting a YouTube video.
(Please note International Applicant must be of Nigerian Citizen by birth).

For all press, sponsorship and enquiries please email
or call 08033278752 or 08091892258.

2face Idibia Gets Emotional Tribute From Annie Macaulay After Wedding

On Saturday Nollywood actress Annie Macaulay officially became the
wife of her African king 2face Idibia at a star-studded white wedding
ceremony that took place in Dubai.

Mrs Annie Idibia who claims they met 13 years ago has rendered an
emotional tribute to her husband.

Read the tribute below

"I stand before you today as open as I can ever be, humbled by the
light and love in your eyes. 13 years ago, I met the most amazing man
on earth!

I flew on the wings of that love, uncaring, unheeding! Believing
firmly that you are and will always be the wind beneath my wings

Life happened, oh yes Life happened but through it all my heart beat
only for you! My heartbreak became my greatest joy! My strength! My
life! Day after day I am more in love with you!

When people ask me what is love! I say Love is right here! This
moment! This second! Today! Tomorrow! Love is you! Love is real! Love
is my eternity with you Innocent ujah Idibia

I give you all of me today knowing that in you and you only has this
imperfect girl found perfection!!!I do 13 years ago when I met you, I
do seven years ago, I do five years ago when we created our daughter!
I do through all the blogs and tabloid headlines

And on this day, at this very second I stand in front of the world and
I say I do take you as my wedded husband! I love you!

I love you so much, so so much"

Love Nwantinti… I wan love too

Dubai Wedding – Open Letter To 2face Idibia From Angry Fan

Singer 2face Idibia who got married in Dubai last week Saturday is
currently under heavy criticism from fans and Nigerians worldwide.

They claim he devalued Nigeria by holding his wedding in Dubai.

The current criticism came from a fan of 2face Idibia identified as Amina Umar.

Read the open letter below;

"I never knew or comprehend that Mr 2face Innocent Idibia had this
spirit of Wickedness in him. We have been encouraging him even he was
nothing till now that he felt that he has arrived.

2Face, We all bought every CD you has ever played, paid for all the
shows your attended, devout our time to listen to all your songs, even
when the songs may not meet out expectations, as an encouragement we
continued to listen to them.
Yet you didn't show us appreciation. 2Face, Let me ask you a question.
How many Arabs has bought your CDs or listen to your any of your

Annie Macaulay's Parents are not Arabs as to say your choose Arabland
because of proximity to her Parents.

With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding to Dubai so
that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your mineral or
even our local beer. You know for sure that most of your fans can't
afford the ticket to Dubai.

You denied your fans who bought and paid for your CDs and Shows the
generational opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because
your are sure that WE fans are not important, Nigeria is not good
enough to host a Celebrity Wedding.
Tomorrow your friends and colleagues in the entertainment Industry who
are Naturally Copy-cats will join the trend of wasting our Foreign
Exchange in countries that see Nigerians as no body.

Well, let me tell you, get ready to sell your next album in Dubai,
perform all your new shows in Arab, with new found Arab fans, as For
me, I will not buy or patronise your Music ever, again.

Though it is certain that you are so wicked to us, but we will only
forgive you on two condition:-

1] Apologise to Nigerian for refusing to create History in Our Land.

2] You Must take up a Campaign to your copy-cat friends and Colleagues
in the entertainment industry to learn how to Appreciate, patronise
Nigeria and Thinking Nigeria, First."
Letter by Amina Umar.

Na wa o… Do you think 2face is at fault for holding his wedding in Dubai?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Women arraigned for cutting neighbour with blade

Two women – Temitope Abigeal and Temitope Remi – have been arraigned before a Chief Magistrate’s Court in Ebute Meta on a three count of conspiracy, assault and grievous harm.
Abigeal (26) and Remi (28), both choristers at a Cherubim and Seraphim church at Progressive Road, Ebute Meta, were said to have assaulted Hannah Okurabe (18) with razor blades at Abule Nla junction, a few metres away from the church.
The March 17, 2013 incident was said to be the result of an earlier fight over the church’s choirmaster, Joseph Unuigbe.
 A father of two, Unuigbe is married to Folashade, who is also a member of the same church.
The charge read, “That you Temitope Abigeal and Temitope Remi at about 18.30 hours at Abule Nla junction, Apapa Road, Ebute Meta West, Lagos in the Lagos Magisterial District did conspire amongst yourselves to commit felony to wit assault and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 409 of the criminal law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.
“That you, Temitope Abigeal and Temitope Remi in the aforementioned magisterial district did unlawfully use a razor blade to cut one Okurabe Hannah on her cheek, eyelid, left ear and back of her neck which caused her grievous harm and thereby committed an offence punishable under section 243 of the criminal law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011.”
The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges.”
Their counsel, identified simply as Mr. Chukwudi, made a bail application.
The prosecutor, Mr. Ishola Samuel, objected to the bail application, saying that the complainant was presently admitted to the Lagos Island General Hospital.
Samuel said, “If bail is granted, the defendants are likely to abscond from the court and that would prejudice the interest of justice. In view of this, I ask this honourable court to discountenance the bail application of the defence counsel.”
The Magistrate, Mrs. M. O. Tanimola, ruled that the charge was a bailable offence.
She said, “Bail is hereby granted the two defendants in the sum of N200,000 each in like sum. Defendants are to produce two responsible sureties who are gainfully employed and with evidence of tax payments to the state government in the last three years.
“The sureties must be relatives of the defendants and their addresses are to be verified. Case is adjourned to the April 17 2013 for mention.”
The suspects are said to be currently remanded at the Kirikiri Minimum Prison.

Banky and 2face ‘chopping life’ in Dubai (PHOTOs)

too much money in da building

See Britains Youngest Father and Girlfriend, aged 12 and 16yrs.

Sean Stewart became the youngest father in Britain on March 20th when his girlfriend gave birth to a healthy son. Sean is 12 and girlfriend Emma Webster is 16-year-old girlfriend
The pair, who are neighbours at Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire, were 11 and 15 when Emma became pregnant. Sean and his mother moved next door to the Websters in November 1996 and he became Emma’s boyfriend shortly after that. He is a 7th year at Margaret Beaufort School in the nearby village of Riseley. Emma is studying for her GCSEs – including one in child care – at Sharnbrook Upper School.
Last summer, Sean said he would stand by Emma and be there for the baby. “I was shocked at first when I was told Emma was pregnant but I am all right about it now.” Emma said she thought Sean had told her he was the same age as she was when they started going out.

Photo: Man Thrown Down 2-Storey Building By Angry In-Laws For Beating His Wife

A young man, Ejike Igwekile, has been thrown down from a two-storey building at 7 Rev Adegoke street Canal Estate, Okota, Lagos by his angry in-laws at Okota, Lagos. Ejike’s sin is that he allegedly beat his wife, Nkiru, 27, from Delta State, and she ran away with their only daughter to her parents’ house at 4, Iworo street, Orile Coker, Lagos, barely a year after they got married.According to Igwekile, who is from Okija in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, sometime this year they had a little quarrel and Nkiru took their only daughter to her parents’ house when he left for his business. He said trouble started when their baby fell sick and his wife phoned him to bring money so that she could take her to a hospital for treatment.
He said he ignored them and insisted that Nkiru should come back to his house with the baby so that he would take her to a hospital. After he refused to send the money, his mother in-law, Patricia Philip, 53, allegedly went to Ejike’s house at Okota to pack her daughter’s property to end the marriage. He said when he resisted, Patricia immediately contacted her son, Charles who allegedly came with two other suspects and descended him, beat him mercilessly after which they threw him down the two-storey building. Although he survived the fall, he was rushed to a hospital where he is being treated.
He broke his head and legs and cannot walk properly as a result of injuries he sustained during the fall. Patricia was arrested by the police at Okota division and charged to court, while Charles and the two other accomplices are on the run. Patricia denied the allegation and told the police that it was during the scuffle that Igwekile jumped and fell from the building.
She was charged with conspiracy and attempted murder under the Criminal Code, before the presiding Magistrate, Mrs Abegunde Davies. When she was arraigned, she pleaded not guilty to the charge. The court granted her bail in the sum of N250,000 with two sureties in like sum. She was remanded in prison custody pending when she will fulfill her bail condition.
The matter was adjourned till 11 April, 2013. 
Do you think the in-laws did right or over -reacted?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian steps out in eye popping dress

The reality star wore this beautiful dress for an interview on Good Morning America today.

Justin Bieber Flaunts Abs As He Strips Off At Polish Airport

Justin Bieber just can't seem to keep his top on as aside from stripping on stage and on nights out the star decided to go through security at a Polish airport without his top on late Monday night as he boarded a private jet.

The singer was spotted at the airport following his performance in the city of Lodz yesterday in just a pair of jeans, despite temperatures of -10C. According to Reuters Bieber arrived with no top, went through security still topless and then put his clothes back on before boarding his private jet.
It's unclear why he decided to keep his top off, with a rep for the airport insisting they hadn't asked the chart topping babe to remove his clothes.
"He wasn't told to take off his clothes. He had no metal objects on him." a spokeswoman for Lodz Airport confirmed.
"He's quite skinny so I assume he was probably freezing."
JB caused a stir in London earlier this month when he continuously walked around after nights out without his top on, showing off his pecs despite freezing temperatures.
The appearance of his naked chest even promoted Hollywood babe Olivia Wilde to ask him to put his clothes back on.
She tweeted: "Justin Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on."
Explaining her comment on Jay Leno after receiving abuse from Beliebers she said: "It's so cold there and I was concerned.
"You know, I have a 19-year-old brother in London and it's freezing and if I saw him without a shirt, I would tell him to put it on. So I told Justin Bieber, 'put your f**king shirt on' ... with love."
Justin's stripping tendencies haven't been without controversy. Aside from the storm caused by Olivia Wilde's comments, it was blamed for why the 19 year-old singer collapsed on stage during a performance at the O2 with breathing difficulties. He was later taken to hospital.
Oh dear Bieber, maybe keep your top on?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Premier League - Paper Round: Mourinho 'a cert' for return to Chelsea

It is looking increasingly likely that Chelsea fans will get their
ideal scenario in the summer – with Rafael Benitez being replaced as
manager by Jose Mourinho.

Yahoo is reporting that Mourinho has effectively agreed to return to
the club where he won two league titles and firmly established himself
as 'The Special One.'
The stories in both papers are similar with Chelsea owner Roman
Abramovich, who was NOT detained by the FBI in the United States on
Monday, believed to have already told the Real Madrid boss that he
wants him back.
Mourinho has "provisionally agreed" to take the job and although the
Star says he "looks a cert" to take the job, he does still have some
conditions before inking the deal.
"He is not keen on taking charge at Stamford Bridge if the Blues do
not qualify for the Champions League," reports the Star, meaning
Chelsea fans will need Benitez to get the job done for the rest of the
season if they are to ultimately get their dream appointment.
The Star continues: "Mourinho is also believed to have a list of
demands that include getting rid of chief executive Ron Gourlay and
technical director Michael Emenalo.
"(And) he has a list of transfer targets, which he will want assurances over."
However, a number of factors have been identified that make the
Chelsea move look likely: Mourinho has recently purchased a house in
West London and his 16-year-old daughter has enrolled at Camberwell
Art College.
Porto youth team coach, Rui Sa Lemos, also said on Twitter that
Stamford Bridge would be Mourinho's home next year, adding: "I'm not
guessing, I'm giving news."
Manchester City are also said to be targeting Mourinho, but he is not
keen on that position as he still hold ambitions of one day joining
Manchester United and he believes taking the City job would rule him
out a potential replacement for Sir Alex Ferguson.
The Mirror says that "Mourinho and Abramovich HAVE reached a
provisional agreement for the Portuguese to take over from interim
Rafa Benitez this summer on a three-year contract", before listing the
same potential stumbling blocks as the Star, with an additional one
being there are also rumours Mourinho has agreed a deal with PSG as a
way to keep his options open if Abramovich does not bow down to all
his demands.
"Anzhi Makhachkala's Dutch veteran Guus Hiddink (has been) lined up as
a potential fall-back option if the Mourinho move goes wrong," they
Mourinho was believed to be at Stamford Bridge on Monday as a guest of
the Brazilian FA for their friendly against Russia but kept an
uncharacteristically low profile.
"The 50-year-old has not agreed to go back to Stamford Bridge yet,
because he does not want to be disrespectful to Real Madrid, who he
hopes will win him a third Champions League following success with
Porto and Inter," reports the Star.
One of the bedrocks of Mourinho's great Chelsea teams was of course
John Terry but he could make a shock summer move to Turkish side
Fenerbahce according to the Daily Mail.
"The Turkish side are eager to compete with rivals Galatasaray for
big-name signings and have earmarked the 32-year-old as a potential
recruit," the paper says.
"Terry still has a year left on his contract and will wait until the
summer before making any decision on whether to leave Stamford
Meanwhile, Chelsea, along with Arsenal and Manchester City, are
keeping tabs on Birmingham City's 17-year-old striker Koby 'King'
Arthur, who only arrived in Britain from Ghana 12 months ago and is
close to being fast-tracked into the Blues' starting line-up.
Arthur has yet to sign a full professional deal with Birmingham, who
now "fear they could lose him for minimal compensation if he were to
decide against committing his future to St Andrews and move
Some other titbits for the papers and Fulham, Stoke and Everton have
all joined the race for Vitesse Arnhem striker Wilfried Bony, who we
reported on Monday's Paper Round was the number transfer target for
West Ham.
Manchester United continue to monitor Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic
after scouts watched him play for Bosnia against Greece on Friday.
(Daily Mail)
And finally, West Ham United hope to sit down with Sam Allardyce
within seven days to discuss a new contract - ending doubts over the
manager's future. (Daily Telegraph)

Friends & Family Rejoice With Naeto C As Wife Nicole Delivers Baby Boy!

Rapper Naeto C and his wife Nicole have finally welcomed their first child!
Nicole delivered the bouncing baby boy yesterday evening, March 26,
2013 in Washington DC. Both mother and child are said to be doing
No words yet from the couple, as Naeto is yet to respond to our email.
The 'Tony Montana' rapper who temporarily relocated to the US to be
with his family, kicked off his North American tour on March 22 in
Canada through till March 31.
Meanwhile, congratulatory messages have been pouring in…
'Congrats @NaetoC and @Nick_Chi on the arrival of your brand new baby
boy. God is Good Amen', Storm Records boss Obi Asika wrote to them on
'New addition to the family!!!!!! Super baby is here! Congrats big bro
@NaetoC and nicki chi!!!!!', cousin and popular artiste manager Asa
Asika also wrote.
'Congrats to my brother @NaetoC and his wife Nicole on their new
baby..Super Jnr is here', rapper Illbliss also added.
Naeto and Nicole got married at an elaborate wedding on Saturday 21,
2012 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Oops!!! Blackface Wasn’t Invited To Tuface’s Dubai Wedding

Blackface wasn't invited, but Faze was. See tweets below.


Actress Yvonne Nelson has started this week with a very high energy.

Yvonne who is currently on a movie location in New York with actor
John Dumelo took to her Twitter page to dish her real boyfriend,
Nigerian rapper Ice Prince.

In a Twitter update few minutes ago, Yvonne said "Aboki (referring to
Ice Prince)…. apparently John is my boyfriend he's gonna kill you..
you don't wanna see his aboki"

Mikel Obi refutes wedding rumours

The news that Mikel Obi's marriage introduction with Delta Soap queen
Sandra Okagbue, will take place on Sunday March 31st originated from
City People and has gone viral.
However,the football star vehemently refuted the reports today via
"I don't understand where this is coming from! I know her. We're
friends, but we haven't spoken in a long time and definitely not about

Lifestyle of a celebrity :- Did Wizkid just Buy Out a Mall in South Africa? (See PHOTO)

Wizkid is currently in South Africa and still in South Africa.
He uploaded this photo a few moments ago on his Instagram, with the
caption: "Boring afternoon! So I went to the mall..#SouthAfrica!"

jayz's romantic note for beyonce

Jayz and Beyonce keep their relationship private,but not anymore since
Jigga recently joined Instagram.Under the name "Foundhov",he shares
photos of his wife and kid and in a recent post,he paid tribute to
"'The way she has changed my life… If I didn't have her…? Where would
I be? Who would I be? Sometime I wonder if I would still be Jay-Z.
It's so surreal. First time I laid eyes on her she was 16. I had
thought in my head "she will be mine", became my best friend… 20 years
old, it was time… before you knew it she made me swallow my pride and
my own words bit me in the a**… "Forever mackin' – 8 years later,
married, one kid. She saved me". "

Is Wizkid set for EME Comeback???

If everything goes according to plan, Wizkid will soon be returning to
his former music label, EME Music Group, this is according to a
reliable industry source. The source revealed to me exclusively that
Wizkid and EME bosses have been going back and forth for the last
couple of weeks through their lawyers trying to agree on new terms of
them working together again.
"Wizkid leaving EME was just his way of pushing the bosses at the
label to take him seriously and increase his earning percentage. When
he joined EME he wasn't a star but then he became a mega star and was
making a lot of money for the label and they still didn't increase his
earning percentage so he took a walk. Now they are working on a new
contract that will favour Wizkid." The source said
I hear in the new contract being drafted, EME will not take a dime
from Wizkid's international deals. When they start working together
again, remember you read it here first!

Worshippers give Bishop Oyedepo 700 cars as offering

This actually happened a few mnths back but I'm only just hearing
about it. According to sources in the know, during Winners Chapel
Cross Over service on Tuesday January 1st in Canaanland, Ota, Ogun
state, worshipers of the church made donations of over 700 exotic cars
to the church. People who felt they had been richly blessed in 2012
came to the cross over service with different donations, most
significant was the number of exotic brand new cars and SUVs that
flooded Canaanland. The people who donated them dropped the keys and
documents of the cars during offering. The church auctioned the cars
at very cheap prizes to its members. Some cars were sold for as less
as N300k.

Faces Of The 3 Beheaded Female Bodies Abandoned On Ibadan Road?

Late last night, news went round that three beheaded female bodies
were dumped from a moving vehicle on to Ibadan road. Just this
evening, i got this picture from an anonymous source claiming it is
the pictures of the beheaded girls. May God help us all.
**Miss Yetunde Ajao, UNILAG ID Card.
**Miss Oyindamola Esan, OOUITE ID Card.
**No Identity Found on Her.

Photo: 23-yr-old Thief Caught At Ijero-Ekiti ; Stripped & Escapes Mob Action

Remember the common adage " Every day is for a thief, one day is for
the owner"? This was what happened four days ago on the 21st of March
at Ijero-Ekiti in Ekiti State when a 23 year old young man was caught
performing what he said he had practiced for 5years. The young, who
works in an quarry, was apprehended after stealing phones, laptops,
clothing, food items and money belonging to some students of COHEST,
Ijero Ekiti.
His timing was not right because unfortunately for him, a female
student was in one of the rooms where he attempted to steal from. It
was this female student who raised alarm and the thief was caught.
He was beaten blue black, stripped naked and handed over to the
police. See his photo before he was beaten when you continue.

Man hires two to rape sisters over inheritance

ABEOKUTA — A 40-year-old-man has been arrested by men of Ogun Police
Command for allegedly hiring two men to rape his two younger sisters
in Ijebu-Ososa in Odogbolu Local Government Area of the state.

The suspect was said to have been arrested with the two allegedly paid
rapists after they had raped and robbed the two ladies who are 16 and
18 years.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Muyiwa Adejobi,
disclosed this yesterday, adding that the suspect paid the two alleged
rapists N80,000 before they committed the act.

He said: "The two other persons arrested with the 40-year-old man are
those who eventually raped and robbed the two sisters aged 18 and 16

"He gave the two suspects N80,000 to harass, molest and threaten his
sisters who had disagreed with him over sharing formula of their late
parent's inheritance.

"You can speak with him as he had already confessed to the crime. So
it's a very straight forward case and we are charging three of them to
court tomorrow."

In his reaction, the suspect said it was true that he hired two
persons to deal with his two sisters over their parents' inheritances.

He said: "I just asked them to threaten my sisters so that they can
leave the property for me. I never paid then to rape my sisters as
they have done."

X-PAC: i tore my butthole and nearly died

Former WWE star X-Pac tells TMZ ... he lost so much blood after
tearing his anus apart during a wrestling match in Minneapolis last
weekend ... he nearly died.

Pac -- real name Sean Waltman -- says he didn't notice the blood at
first ... and even finished the match ... but during the after-party
he felt something was really wrong. Pac says he went to the bathroom
and discovered an enormous pool of blood in his singlet.

That's when Pac called himself an ambulance.

As we reported, Pac underwent butthole surgery that night ... and was
released Monday morning. FYI, the procedure is called a
sphincteroplasty (WARNING: Do not Google).

We've obtained video of the accident ... you see Pac flying
anus-first into the steel turnbuckle ... the footage of the accident
from is pretty brutal.

As for going #2 ... Pac says it's business as usual, but he was given
special instructions by his doctor on how to clean his wound after

Monday, 25 March 2013

Arsene Wenger hands trial to Godfrey Oboabona

Super Eagles defender, Godfrey Oboabona's impressive displays at the
last Africa Cup of Nation, did not go unnoticed, as it has been
reported that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, has handed the Nigerian a

A report in the UK SUN said: Arsene Wenger has handed a trial to
Nigeria international defender Godfrey Oboabona.

The 22-year-old played a major role as his country won the African
Nations Cup last month.

Arsenal boss Wenger will now run the rule over the £1m-rated
centre-back who has won 18 caps and plays for the Sunshine Stars.

Oboabona said: "Arsenal are my favourite club from childhood. It is
the club I want to play for."

Oboabona partnered Chelsea-bound Kenneth Omeruo in defence, as the
Eagles drew 1-1 in a World Cup qualifier against Kenya last Saturday.

Kenya free kick shocked me – Enyeama

Super Eagles captain Vincent Enyeama has admitted that he had no clue
to the Kenyan free-kick that beat him on Saturday in the World Cup
qualifying match played in Calabar. Francis Kahata put Kenya ahead
with a curling free kick that left the best goalkeeper of South Africa
2013 Africa Cup of Nations stranded. And in reaction to the goal
Enyeama said he was taken aback by the style of the player.

He said, "It was one of the best free-kicks I have ever seen. Truly I
never expected such a kick from a Kenyan; that's the kind of shot you
expect to get from a Brazilian, South Americans. But you saw what
happened; the ball curled very well into that angle. I was surprised
by his skill. One of the best free-kicks I have ever seen. I have seen
a lot of free-kicks but not a top corner like that.

"It was a perfect kick into the right corner."

The goal shook the Eagles bench and left fans at the UJ Esuene Stadium
wondering how the match would end.

Nigeria, crowned African Nations Cup champions just last month, needed
a dramatic late equaliser to rescue a 1-1 home draw with bottom team
Kenya whom fans had expected would be blown away. At the end the fans
had to pray for an equaliser all through.

Substitute Nnamdi Oduamadi, who plays for Italian second-tier club
Varese, scored three minutes into stoppage time to save the Nigerians
from an embarrassing defeat. The match was Nigeria's first since their
success at the Nations Cup.

It was the second draw in three games for Nigeria who have five
points, level with Malawi at the top of the group.

Namibia have three points from three matches and Kenya are bottom on two points.

Sen. David Mark denies buying the Chevy Corvette for 2face & Annie

The card on the car clearly says 'wedding gift from Senator David
Mark', but the senate president's senior adviser on media, Kola
Ologbondiyan, has released a statement denying it. Ologbondiya said:
Senator Mark did not visit Dubai for Tuface wedding rather he attended
the 128th Inter parliamentary Union (IPU) conference currently holding
in Quito, Ecuador. He was also not represented at Mr. Idibia's
wedding. It is also instructive to state that the President of the
Senate, Senator Mark, did not make a car donation of any kind to
Tuface before departing Nigeria for Ecuador neither did he purchase
nor send any car to Dubai as a wedding gift for the musician or his
wife. Who made the donation on behalf of the President of the Senate?
It is therefore a puerile lie for anybody to state that Senator Mark
bought a Ferrari car worth N47m for Tuface. The allegation is wicked,
ridiculous and irresponsible.
Signed: Kola Ologbondiyan
Special Adviser, Media & Publicity to the President of the Senate David Mark

What you are about to read is not a movie script but can pass for one.
Actress Oma was spotted on march 1, 2013 at the movie premiere of
actress Uche Jombos #damage movie premiere at the ozone cinema in
Yaba. She was all garbed up,make up and all but she was crying out her
eyes at a corner and the concerned olofofo who spotted her walked up
to her to console her and find out why she was crying and blowing her
Oma cried but opened up to the olofofo who later repeated the
conversation. This is what the olofofo squealed.
"Oma open big mouth and big eyes dey cry like who them thief her
money, after she calmed down she said she had just had a quarrel with
another actress who was her friend and when i ask am why, she
explained that actress Ese Broadricks is her very close friend and she
used to confide in her about her Dubai based boyfriend named Peter.
She said she was supposed to pick up Ese and they would head down to
the premiere of #damage movie together.
Before they left Ese called someone and referred to the person as her
baby, her sweetheart, her love. After her call, Oma said she
confronted Ese on whom she had called and Ese declined answering until
Oma told her she had called her boyfriend because she had heard his
voice as they talked…. She really cried, she cry so tey i begin beg am
like say na me thief money from her hand"
Further digging reveals both Actresses are no longer on talking terms.