Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian admits difficulty coping with changes in her body

Pregnant Kim Kardashian insists she has not piled on too many pounds
since falling pregnant.

The mum to be who is due in July pictured in a black and white dress
with unusually low heeled shoes, yesterday, revealed that she found
the changes in her body hard to cope with.

However, she says: "I'm not going to lie and be like, 'Oh, it's been
amazing and I've adjusted great'.

"At the beginning it was tough for me when your body changes so much.
I don't think anyone will really prepare you for what the changes are,
but once you kind of grasp that and embrace it, it's amazing."

But the 32-year-old – expecting her first child with Kanye West –
denied reports she had ballooned to over 14 stone and said her diet is
healthier than ever.

"This is the time when everyone's like 'you should be pigging out,
eat whatever you want.' And I have the biggest sweet tooth and I love
junk food.

"Being pregnant I don't like any of it," Kim says about her pregnancy
cravings, revealing that she is eating lots of "carrots and celery and
ranch and like protein bars, gluten free stuff, sugar free stuff."

"I'm waiting for the moments when someone's like let's go to
McDonald's and Taco Bell — that's not happening for me and I'm kind of
sad about it."

The expectant mum also revealed that there's a 50/50 chance that the
baby will get a name beginning with K – like the rest of the

She said: "I think it would be really cute because Kanye and I are
both K's, so just for us and our family, not the Kardashian thing,
even if my mom never did that and it was just Kanye and I, I think it
would be cute if him and I went with the K name.

"But half the names on our list aren't K's we still have time,
whatever feels right Kanye being the father wants something that's

Yesterday Kim stuck with the comfy shoes as she went out for dinner
with Simon Huck in New York.

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