Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fans angry at Tuface, Annie’s Dubai wedding

Tuface and Annie Idibia's fairy-tale Dubai wedding has come and gone
but obviously, some of his fans are not happy that the artiste and his
wife chose a foreign land as venue for their nuptials.

In a broadcast message that has been going round on Blackberry
smartphones and on Facebook and Twitter, the bitter fans expressed
their displeasure that though they had supported the artiste's musical
career over the years by buying his CDs in Nigeria, he took his
wedding ceremony to a place that was accessible to only invited guests
and family members.

The message reads, "We bought your compact discs then you went to get
married in Dubai where we can't eat your rice. How many Arabs have
brought their weddings down to Nigeria? Well, if you sing your next
song, get ready to go and sell it in Dubai – Angry Lagosians. "

More angry fans wrote, "I never knew or comprehended that Mr. 2face
Innocent Idibia had this spirit of wickedness in him. We have been
encouraging him even when he was nothing till now that he felt that he
has arrived. 2Face, we all bought every CD you have ever played, paid
for all the shows your attended, devoted our time to listen to all
your songs. Even when the songs may not meet our expectations, as an
encouragement, we continued to listen to them. Yet you didn't show us
appreciation. 2Face, let's ask you a question. How many Arabs have
bought your CDs or listened to any of your songs? Annie Macaulay's
parents are not Arabs to say your chose Arab-land because of proximity
to her parents. With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding
to Dubai so that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your
mineral (non-alcoholic drinks) or even our local beer. You know for
sure that most of your fans can't afford tickets to Dubai. You denied
your fans who bought and paid for your CDs and shows the generational
opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because you are sure
that we fans are not important. Nigeria is not good enough to host a
celebrity wedding. Tomorrow, your friends and colleagues in the
entertainment industry who are natural copy-cats will join the trend
of wasting our foreign exchange in countries that see Nigerians as
nobodies. Well, let's tell you, get ready to sell your next album in
Dubai, perform all your new shows in Arab, with new found Arab fans.
As for us, we will not buy or patronise your music ever, again."

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