Friday, 10 May 2013

Jilted Man Killed Girlfriend, Sleeps With Her Dead Body In Ogun State

A 25-year-old bricklayer, Akinloye Anuoluwapo, has been arrested by
the police for slaughtering his 21-year-old girlfriend, Rafiyat

Anuoluwapo slit Akinyemi's throat at her family home in Magbon, Ogijo,
Ogun state.

We gathered that Anuoluwapo allegedly murdered Akinyemi for her
refusal to continue dating him.

An OND graduate of the Lagos State Polythenic Ikorodu, Akinyemi was
said to be home alone last Wednesday, when Anuoluwapo came calling.

We gathered that the embattled lovers, who had dated for over a year,
split up late 2012 despite attempts by Anuoluwapo to prevent it.

It was learnt that Anuoluwapo knew that Akinyemi's mother and siblings
usually left the house before 8am each working day,.

He subsequently sneaked into Akinyemi's family home at about 8.30am on
the day of the incident. As expected, Akinyemi was alone.

Anuoluwapo was said to have made several attempts to have sex with
Akinyemi. KRS learnt that it was in the ensuing struggle that Akinyemi
met her end.

Anuoluwapo, who is being detained at the Ogijo Police Division, said,
"I don't know what came over me, I just wanted us to reconcile and
continue our relationship.

"Each time we break up, I am always severely affected; I converted
from Christianity to Islam because I wanted to marry her.

"I even moved from my one-room apartment to self-contained
accommodation so that she would be more comfortable. My visit was
meant to be for a discussion but it degenerated into a quarrel.

"Akinyemi was not even aware that I had a knife on me when I
forcefully had sex with her."

The police said Anuoluwapo used the knife to cut Akinyemi's throat and
later had sex with her while she bled.

But the estranged lover claimed that she was still alive when he had
sex with her on the couch in the sitting room.

Unknown to Anuoluwapo, some neighbours had seen him while he was
sneaking into the house.

It was gathered that Akinyemi's corpse was discovered at about 4pm by
her mother and siblings when they returned home.

Although neighbours suspected Anuoluwapo, none of them initially came
forward with information.

A police source said, "It was later, someone gave an anonymous tip to
the police that Akinyemi had broken up several times with Anuoluwapo.

"He said each time; Anuoluwapo would get people from her community or
the mosque where she worshipped to plead with her."

No one knew where Anuoluwapo lived or worked. He had recently
relocated from his home at Segun Kehinde Street, Ogijo to the PZ
estate. In a bid to locate Anuoluwapo, police detectives were said to
have picked residents who lived around Akinyemi's home for
questioning. Eventually one of the residents was said to have revealed
Anuoluwapo's place of work.

"A team of police detectives went to the company to arrest Anuoluwapo,
but were initially refused entry. Eventually the Divisional Police
Officer, SP. Toyin Afolaogun, had to come with the Divisional Crime
Officer before Anuoluwapo could be arrested," the source said.

A frightened Anuoluwapo was said to have immediately confessed his
guilt upon questioning and led police detectives to his house where he
had hidden the murder weapon.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi,
confirmed the incident.

He said, "The shirt which Anuoluwapo had worn to Akinyemi's house on
the day of the murder was found hidden in a corner with blood stains
on it. The knife was found in his home.

"From our investigations, Akinyemi was already dead when Anuoluwapo
had sex with her. When her corpse was discovered, her legs were still
spread apart and they had become stiff. Semen too was found on her
private part. Akinyemi's body was discovered exactly the way
Anuoluwapo had left it when he was through."

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