Friday, 10 May 2013

Justin Bieber fined for speeding in Dubai Singer’s rented Lamborghini was stopped on Sheikh Zayed Road, Police source confirms

Justin Bieber (GETTY/GALLO)
Teenage singer Justin Bieber has been fined for speeding on Dubai's
Sheikh Zayed Road, a Dubai Police source has confirmed to Emirates

"Bieber has a number of fines for speeding on Sheikh Zayed Road," the
source from the Dubai Police Traffic Department said.

He could not confirm the number of tickets issued and the total fine.

The police source added that a police patrol had stopped his car, but
let him go to attend one of the event's in the city.

British daily The Sun, however, mentioned that six speed cameras had
flashed when he was driving in a Lamborghini on Sheikh Zayed Road.
Bieber concert was held in the city on May 4 and 5.

The singer was spotted driving a white colour Lamborghini hours before
a fan attacked him on stage in Dubai.

"He was travelling along the Sheikh Zayed Road where there are at
least six speed cameras. Every single one flashed off as he went
past," Nikki Jameson, a witness, was quoted by the newspaper.

"He had a close shave with a bus and stood out like a sore thumb. A
19-year-old in a white Lamborghini is hardly discreet," she said.

A link on Reddit, which promotes user-generated news links, said that
Bieber was driving to the Sevens Stadium on Sunday at 240kmph and had
paid no heed to any speed limits.

this dude sure loves speed and lambos in particular.... whats up with
white...hes fav colour???

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