Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Of Course Robin Thicke is Still Tooling Around on His Wife

Just when you thought the controversy concerning Robin Thicke and that coed he gave a very public rectal exam had died down, this happened, friends, and if sticking your hands in the crack of someone's ass in front of a mirror of all places isn't trashy enough, then this surely is.

After a performance (of probably "Blurred Lines," because no one cares about any of Robin's other songs and CASH COW) in Paris, Robin was caught dirty dancing with a gorgeous, lithe young thing, and his wife, Paula Patton -- naturally -- was nowhere to be found.

And you know, let's be real for a second here: it's not that he's married -- because lots of people, not necessarily Paula and Robin, have made it sort of transparent that these two have an open relationship, and you know what? To each his or her own. It's none of our business the way that Paula and Robin conduct intra- and/or extra-relations, but you know what is our business? You know what is? Being subjected to a walking skeeze like Robin Thicke skeezing and sweating and grunting and bloating all over some young woman who could possibly be a perfectly reasonable, otherwise lovely girl under different circumstances.

Just because you're gross, Robin, doesn't mean we're expected to have to watch it. God

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