Wednesday, 2 October 2013

WEIRD!!! 15 Year old Girl Frozen for 500 Years – A Sacrifice Ritual of Incan Empire!!

The picture is indeed a 15 year old real girl who was frozen to death about 500 years back, during the rule of Incan Empire. This girl was one among the three frozen children who were found from the 22,000-foot summit of a volcano in Chilean border called Mount Llullaillaco, in the year 1999. This 15 year old frozen girl named La Doncella, “the maiden,” was being prepared by Researchers at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology to display it to the world. One of the museum’s designer and director Gabriel E. Miremont said, “These are dead people, Indian people”. Children were sacrificed like this as a part of a religious ritual called capacocha, where beautiful and healthy children including girls were chosen to be frozen to death. They were made to walk hundreds of miles amidst ceremonies and then taken to the summit of Llullaillaco, where they were fed with chicha (maize beer), and once they felt asleep, they were placed in underground niches where they will freeze to death. The cold, dry and thin air underground preserved these bodies for hundreds of years making them look real. The Inca people practiced child sacrifice and considered it as an honor to be chosen for sacrifice, because according to them, these children did not die, but will have joined their ancestors who shall later watch over their villages from the mountain tops like angels. 

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