Monday, 9 September 2013

Chinese slimming tea kills Nollywood location manager

Hollywood’s Location manager Chinedu Epeagba is dead. Initially Rumours had it that he was killed by diabolical means coming from his Home town Mbaise in Imo state.
However comic actor Ugezu J Ugezu has thrown more light on the situation by revealing that Chinedu died from effects of Chinese slimming tea. He said
“Our preliminary investigation, backed with scientific presentations from the last doctor that treated him in Onitsha, shows that Dabebe died from complications triggered by the made in China SLIMMING TEA, which he started drinking in July.
This tea, medicine or whatever, gradually destroyed all his internal organs and by the time he became too weak and got rushed to the hospital, his body couldn’t respond to treatment; organs were ruined already. The sad news is that Dabebe, that promising young man, is dead.”
This is quite ironical and sad,a tea that is supposed to enhance and prolong life actually ended it. RIP Chinedu

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