Monday, 9 September 2013

A Chilled Thrill! Ice Cream Sandwiches You Can Make in Two Minutes

This is one of my favorite quick snack-time treats for my girls (and me!). Sitting on the back porch eating these is the epitome of the last days of summer (in the middle of summer, it's too hot to sit outside in the afternoon). You could use ice cream, but I find that frozen whipped topping doesn't melt quite as quickly and that the graham crackers are less likely to break. Also, if your house is anything like mine, anytime you pull out the rainbow sprinkles, your mom status goes through the roof. 

Graham crackers 
Frozen whipped topping 
Rainbow sprinkles 

1. Take one graham cracker sheet (I like cinnamon best, but any kind is delicious) and break in half to form two squares. Place a dollop of frozen whipped topping on one square and top with the other square, pressing gently together to form a sandwich. 

 2. Pour rainbow sprinkles onto a plate and roll the edges of the ice cream sandwich through them to help the adhere to the frozen whipped topping. Shake gently to remove excess. 
Serve immediately. 

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