Thursday, 9 May 2013

Paul Okoye’s Secret Girlfriend, Elshama’s Baby Is His First Born..Anita Gave Birth To His 2nd Child

Meet P-Square's Paul Okoye's Secret Girlfriend, Elshama.

The third year student of the University of Jos delivered his firstborn on April 7th while his public girlfriend Anita gave birth to his 2nd baby on the 10th of April… What a controversial romance.

Elshama and her baby

Read a detail report on Paul Okoye and his controversial romance style below

When the gist of Paul Okoye of PSquare having a second baby mama broke, sources from his camp denied the allegation…claiming that Paul doesn't even know Elshama.

The story has since taken a new twist. It has been discovered that the baby born by the Plateau beauty pageant contestant and model, Elshamah Igbanoi, is not Paul's second baby like we thought but actually the FIRST! Elshama's baby was born on April 7, while Anita's baby was born 3 days later on April 10. This fact was confirmed by family sources close to Paul a.k.a P2.

Also photos of Paul and Elshama together have emerged, proving that Paul indeed KNOWS Elshama. There's also another photo of Paul and Elshama at Paul's mother's burial which took place on August 2, 2012 while she was already pregnant for him.

Elshama has since settled her UK hospital bills of 5000 pounds sterling and has been discharged by the hospital to go home.  A family source close to Paul a.k.a "P-2", said the music artist was aware of Ms. Igbanoi's pregnancy for him about the same time another lady, Anita, became pregnant for him.

The family source lamented that Paul and his team members were out to portray Elshama as a groupie who was after the musician's fame and wealth. The source added:

"We know her to be a responsible lady who trusted Paul. She had been with him since she was 17 years old."

Ms. Igbanoi is third year law student at the University of Jos.

Elshama's parents are successful lawyers in Nigeria, while she is now 19 years old and a third year law student at the University of Jos.

Ms. Igbanoi is still in London and is now in an apartment with her new-born baby named Mishel Paul Okoye.

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