Friday, 3 May 2013

Indian without UAE driving licence wins Dh180,000 luxury car in Dubai But he sells the car and shares the money with a friend

An Indian national has won BMW's luxury car 520i Executive 2013 model
worth Dh180,000 (Rs2.61 million; $49,000), but he doesn't have a
licence to drive.

Hailing from the Malapuram district of Kerala, India, 28-year-old
Nisar Valiyavalappil arrived in Dubai two years ago and has since been
working with an AC spare parts company as a sales person in Ajman.

Valiyavalappil is the first winner of the 20 to be announced by
fashion retailer Splash across the region. Three more winners will be
picked from the UAE.

On hearing the promotion by the retailer, he decided to pay a visit to
the store with his friend and shopped to enter the draw.

"I decided to split the final bill with my friend. Since I won the car
it has been a life-changing experience. I do not have a driving
license and so decided to sell the car. The money I get will be split
between my best friend and me, as I feel it is necessary to stay true
to my friendship. I haven't yet decided what to do with my share of
the money but I know that this winning will help me go a long way in
my life," said Nisar.

Earlier this week, another Indian national Jayaseelan was awarded a
Dh100,000 car by Dubai Traffic Police for accumulating sufficient
white points that made him an ideal driver in the emirate.

The man was picked from among 700 drivers shortlisted by Dubai's
traffic police after they gathered the maximum limit of white points
in one year, during which they did not commit any traffic offence or
were involved in an accident. Jayaseelan has been awarded Chevrolet

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