Friday, 3 May 2013

Dh11m Aston Martin One-77 joins Dubai Police superfleet?

Images surfaced online indicate the exclusive Q series (only seven in
the world) will be added to the patrolling fleet; the car comes at a
whopping estimated price of Dh11m

In popular culture, the Aston Martin is a name synonymous with
superspy James Bond; however, this mindset is poised for a reboot as
Dubai Police sets tongues wagging yet again with yet another supercar
added to its growing fleet of Lamgorghinis and Ferraris.

Indeed, images that have surfaced online indicate that an Aston Martin
One-77 is next in line for a makeover, close on the heels of a Bentley
Continental GT and the Mercedes SLS.

And this is not just any of the limited editions of One-77, mind you.
According to well placed sources, the car shown in this image is part
of the uber exclusive car being built under the 'Q' Aston Martin

There are only seven such cars in the world, with a hefty price tag
of, wait for it, a whopping Dh11 million; or at least that was the
asking price of the car that was put up for sale at the Al Ain Class
Motors after the model was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in 2012.

While no confirmation of the addition to the superfleet has come forth
from Dubai Police, in the images that are doing the rounds online
shows the Bentley CGT and the Mercedes SLS in the background, which
are also rumoured to be joining the Lamborghini Aventador and the
Ferrari FF shortly.

The One-77 Q series would be the icing on this extremely decadent
cake, with its V12 7.3-liter engine that shoots the car from 0 to 100
km in only 3.5 seconds.

However, unlike the other cars, this one is a steel grey, which could
possibly be repainted in the white and green colours of Dubai Police.

The images surfaced last week in an Aston Martin chat forum, which was
later picked up by the UAE Exotic Cars Facebook page.

While its only a matter of time until we will find a confirmation if
the car takes to the streets, Dubai residents have been spotting the
superfleet this past week in various parts of the city, with the
Ferrari FF being handled by female patrol officers, along with the
Chevrolet Camaro and the BMW 5 series that are the early additions to
the patrol vehicles.

Which car would be next you ask?

Well, a Bugatti Veyron wouldn't be amiss.

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