Friday, 19 April 2013

I bought my Bentley with my hard earned money – Aremu Afolayan

Since Aremu Afolayan – Nollywood actor/producer – took delivery of a
Bentley Continental GT car on April 7th, it was assumed by many that
he COULDN'T have purchase such a car, may believed that a sugar mummy
bought the car for him.

Well, Aremu Afolayan has reacted to the speculations and he is
insisting that he bought the car with his hard earned money.

"I don't think a woman will love a man so much that she will buy a
Bentley for him. If they think it's easy to date elderly women and get
a Bentley, let them try. The problem with people is that they tend to
hate what they can't conquer. I date ladies, not older women.
Moreover, whoever I date is my choice."

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