Monday, 4 March 2013

Japan: Family Killed As Car Is Buried In Snow

Four members of a family have been killed after their car was buried in a snowstorm in the main northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.
Four other deaths linked to the weekend's snowfall have been reported.
Kazuyo Miyashita and her three children died at a hospital on Saturday night of carbon-monoxide poisoning after their vehicle got buried in the snow.
Her daughters were 17 and 14, and her son was 11.
Separately, a 23-year-old woman froze to death after leaving her car, which was stuck in the snow.
The Kyodo news service said a 53-year-old man had died after getting buried in the snow, although his nine-year-old daughter found with him was recovering.
Two other men collapsed in the snow in another part of Hokkaido and were confirmed dead.
Several vehicles were stranded and buried under snow in the island in northern Japan.

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