Monday, 17 March 2014

Lindsay Lohan Wrote A List of All The Celebrities She’s Banged

Lindsay Lohan will do anything for money from blowing Charlie Sheen to letting Oprah televise what an unreliable and completely full of shit drug addict she is. Which is why it comes as no surprise that In Touch is now sitting on a handwritten (and naturally misspelled) list of celebrities Lindsay Lohan has slept with that includes, and I’m leaving out the ones people already know, Zac EfronAdam LevineJoaquin PhoenixJamie DornanColin FarrellEvan PetersLukas Haas (Now you know why Leo keeps him around.), Garrett Hedlund and Guy Berryman. There’s also a bunch of blurred out names which means those people promptly paid Dina‘s silence fee that also offers broken bottle of gin to the dick protection so it practically pays for itself.