Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rapper Jay-Z Opens Up About Selling Drugs In The Past

Ace superstar rapper and husband to the sexy songstress Beyonce, Jay-Z has opened up about his life as a child and his life with drugs. In an interview with the November issue of Vanity Fair, Jay-Z agreed to selling drugs as a child so as to help his family.
“Times were tough and my mum had to shuffle between jobs” the rapper recalls. “We were not starving but sometimes we have to think if we should pay for gas or pay the electricity bills. You don’t want to feel embarrased at school wearing the same sneakers all the time or the same clothes over and over” he continued.
Jay-Z agreed to selling the drugs but denied ever using it. And he says he regrets the fact that he did sell it.
“Then I was just trying to make ends meet but when i look in the streets now and see how drugs had affected the community, I feel sorry” the rapper said.
He also said the drug act taught him a little bit of business strategy. “Being a dealer makes you cut budget. You think of what you make and what you can spend.” But he addressed that at some point back then you have to develop an exit strategy else you end up being locked up as a kid or perhaps you might get caught and never come back to life.

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