Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Absolutely Weird; baby born with ears below the the Chin

Birth defects are not quite unusual in the world but sometimes some just take u aback. Every once in a while we see one that just catches our attention and makes us think back to whether or not we’ve seen it before. In this case, this is an uncommon defect as a baby is born with ears under its chin. The image portrays a newborn baby who was born with a few cranial birth defects, such as a deformed mouth and jawline,
but more prominently the placement of the ears stands out.
The placement of the ears in this case is somewhat reminiscent of where gills would be on an aquatic animal, or fish. Perhaps they simply failed to migrate to the side of the head after they were formed. In the first trimester of pregnancy, the ears form along the jaw line out of cartilage. At some point during the second trimester the ears typically migrate to their correct place on the side of the head. This is the normal process that appears to have failed during the second trimester, which resulted in the low placement of the ears as well as the deformed jaw line.

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