Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pretty Little Liars Reveals The Identity Of Another A!

*Look, obviously there's spoilers in here.*
*Don't read if you haven't watched! LOLz!*

So errrrmagerrrrd you guys, another member of the A team was revealed this week. And in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, they shocked us all.

The summer finale of the ABC Family smash series revealed the current person behind the A brigade to be EZRA!!!

Yep! Just when Aria (played by Lucy Hale) goes back to kissing him too! Ughh… but for those of you out of the loop, Aria still is too. Only the audience knows of this A's identity.

This is all leading up to their spOOktacular Halloween special!
We bet you pretty little lovers are gonna hide under the sheets when she finds out her heart-thumper's secret! We would! Ha!

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