Friday, 3 May 2013

Premier League - Paper Round: Klopp is Ferguson's successor in waiting Manchester United have picked out Jurgen Klopp as the man to follow Sir Alex Ferguson, according to the Daily Mirror.

The paper claims to have the exclusive on news that Borussia
Dortmund's manager is "at the top of the shop" - by which we assume
they mean shortlist - "as Alex Ferguson's successor".
Apparently, Dortmund's success in reaching the Champions League final
has had nothing to do with the choice: "He has been earmarked for some
time, with insiders revealing it is openly discussed among Fergie's
staff that he is THE manager in waiting," the paper continues, adding
that Ferguson himself thoroughly approves of the selection.
There is one potential fly in the ointment, however: with Ferguson
still hoping that his retirement is a few years away, Red Devils
chiefs are worried that Klopp will end up in a plum job elsewhere
before a position is ready for him at Old Trafford, with it being "a
major problem" if the 45-year-old moved on this summer.

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