Friday, 10 May 2013

Man Locked Up Dana Airline Office In Lagos Over 2012 Plane Crash

In a move that caught Dana Airline unawares and had its employees
locked out of their offices, a businessman whose furniture warehouse
and printing press were destroyed by the crash of Dana Flight 992 this
morning locked up the company's gates and prevented the airline from
carrying out any business.

The businessman, Mr. Daniel Olawunmi, arrived early and sealed off the
premises, locking the gates with a padlock. The action left the
security man, who resides in the premises, along with the arriving
staff, unable to access the offices, and in the rain.

Unlike his last protest where he called on some members of a civil
society organization to help him disrupt the activities of the Dana
Airline office, the frustrated businessman this time acted alone.

Mr. Olawunmi said he lost stock worth N500million in the crash. The
airline, however, offered him only $30,000 to help him resettle his
family in another accommodation, the same compensation paid to
families of victims of the crash as initial compensation. Since then,
he said, the Airline has kept mute on the question of restoring his

the businessman's unusual intervention was still holding, and the Dana
staff was still stranded on the street. At the time of this report, a
police team called to handle the situation had arrived and parked a
van at the gate.

"This is another reflection of the failure of the current government,"
an analyst said today, "driving people into desperation. The same
government that could so easily return Dana's operating licence failed
the people and businesses in the crash area despite all the pledges
they made and the crocodile tears they shed."

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