Friday, 10 May 2013

Gym instructor dies after fall from Dubai high-rise

A British citizen died after falling from the balcony of his apartment
from one of the high floors of one of the buildings in Dubai.

A Dubai Police official said the dead man was found to have consumed a
large amount alcohol at the time of his death.

The official said police did not suspect any foul play. The dead
person's wife was in the apartment when it happened, he added.

Dubai Police's investigation and forensics medicine experts rushed to
the scene after being informed that a young European's body had been
found soaked in blood near a building.

The dead person was 27-year old and worked as an instructor in a gym.

The dead man was with his wife and friends until 5pm on Friday and
consumed alcohol until 8pm that day, the police source said.

The deceased person's wife said that her husband then went to visit a
friend in Dubai Marina where he stayed till about 10pm. He then went
to a nightclub where he stayed till midnight. He was asked to leave
the nightclub by the security staff after he quarreled with someone

His 26-year-old wife told police that her husband sometimes became
violent after drinking alcohol. She said she found her husband missing
when she went to the balcony of their apartment. Seeing a police
patrol car and an ambulance down, she went down quickly to find her
husband's dead body lying in a pool of blood.

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