Monday, 6 May 2013

Former Nigerian Footballer Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US (Ex-Super Eagles Defender)

Former Nigerian Footballer Chidi Odiah Turns Taxi Cab Driver In The US

Next time you feel like relocating abroad, you have to keep in the
mind that life abroad is totally different from the rosy life in

I have seen doctors working as factory workers in developing countries
in other to make ends meet. Most people living abroad today are
working below their academic qualifications in order to make money.

Former Nigerian footballer and Super eagles defender Chidi Odiah who
relocated to the United States of America a while back is now a taxi

According to those in the know, the ex-footballer has been spotted
several times by US-based Nigerians working as a cab driver in order
to provide for his family.

We also learnt the former super eagles defender has two taxi cabs.

Our people need to keep in mind that it is better to be hard-working
than to tarnish the image of Nigeria by doing illegal deals… y'all
know what I mean.

Work nah work jare as long as it brings money.

For the records, Taxi drivers abroad are millionaires back home.

I know of a family friend, who drives Taxi cab in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. He has over 10 mansions in Nigeria today. He relocated to
Nigeria two years ago.

Hope you get the message am trying to convey.


  1. It is strange how Chidi's finances turned so low that he had to stoop so low to conquer wretchedness,at least he's not doing anything illegal,I thank God for that,I wish him well

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  3. Lol.. This is bizarre!