Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wizkid Is still in EME”- Banky W clears rumours officially

In a recent interview with KRS media, this is what Banky stated;
When you released your recent album there was something a lot of people noticed?
Let me tell you that Wizkid wasn't on the album, first of all, i want
to say what we like to call 'Bad belle people' because they think
there may be bad news and when you don't give them that news they
start to create it because i guess bad news sells more than good news.
So i want to say categorically that there was no twitter fight.
people go-online and use Photoshop to create my profile and say that
is said this and they go and create wizkid's profile and they go and
say that he said this. We are working on Wizzy's project to make it
work, cause when you go international things change.
So he is still signed to EME?
Absolutely he is still signed to EME.
Because the general belief is that he started his own thing "star boy
Well you know that is something else he wants to do. he wants to start
to his own record label and i mean i started my own label and look at
where i am today. you have a lot of people fabricating stuff and
making it look as if there is a battle and you know we do not belive
in that.
We are all mature. we are all grown up people and we are all happy for
one another. He is starting his label and we are in support of that,
he is going international and working with Disturbing london and we
are in support of that.
There is no beef, Wiz is part of the family legally, he is still
signed even aside from contract some things are bigger than contract
and money. EME and Wiz will continue.

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