Thursday, 25 April 2013

Saudi dies at 120; leaves 98-year old son, 446 other progeny Tribe chief leaves behind 447 children and grand children…

Saudi Arabia's oldest man died at the age of 120 years, leaving behind
447 children, grand children and great grand children, including his
98-year-old eldest son.

Sheikh Awad bin Abdul Aziz bin Saifi Al Qarni died of old age at his
house in the central village of Al Badadha although he was in a good
health just before his demise.

The chief of his tribe for most of his life, Sheikh Awad left behind
24 sons and daughters from various wives, including his eldest son,
98, youngest 22-year-old son and his eldest grandson aged around 65

"Sheikh Awad was born in 1893…he witnessed three centuries and all the
kings of Saudi Arabia…he was known by his tribe and many other people
as nice, wise and frank man and for this reason, he was loved by all,"
Sabq newspaper said.

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