Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher died same age with her late husband Denis

While the world mourns Margaret Thatcher, Daily Times research on her
life revealed that her husband Denis Thatcher died ten years ago. The
late first and only female British Prime Minister was 10 years older
than her husband who also died at the age of 87 in June 2003.

As described by a news reporter, Margaret Thatcher was tireless,
fearless, un-shakeable and always in command. She was Britain's first
woman Prime Minister - and the first leader to win three General
Elections in a row.

But the dynamic leader who was nick-named 'Iron Lady' by her political
foes from Russia was also human and hero-worship her husband Denis who
she regularly and admitted that she could not do her job properly
without the unfailing and unstinting support of her "marvellous"
husband, Denis.

He was, she said, the "golden thread" running through her life. His
death, in June 2003, some weeks after major heart surgery, was a
profound blow to her.

Sir Denis, as he became after she left Downing Street, was constantly
at her side, an impeccable consort, protecting her and guiding her in
all weathers and in all parts of the world.

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