Tuesday, 23 April 2013

"Iron Man 3" Cast Addresses Film's Parallels to Boston Bombings

There's no doubt "Iron Man 3" will be a huge hit when it comes out
next week -- but, in the aftermath of the Boston Bombings, some scenes
may now be harder to watch.

At a press conference for the movie earlier today, Robert Downey Jr.,
Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle spoke out about some of the
unfortunate real-life parallels the flick faces and how they've
handled the topic of violence (both actual and celluloid) with their
own children.

While our review of the movie is on hold until next week, there's one
scene in "Iron Man 3" involving an explosion at the Chinese Theater in
Hollywood that shares an eerie connection to what happened in Boston
last week.

The fact that a terrorist (Sir Ben Kinglsey's menacing Mandarin) takes
credit for the blast -- which claims lives of innocent civilians --
only makes the coincidence more unsettling.

"Clearly, this movie was in the can before anything happened," Cheadle
explains. "As Robert mentioned earlier, the job of this film is to
entertain. We're really trying to give people the ability to go into a
darkened room and have a couple of hours of just pure enjoyment."

And while they do want to provide an escape for the audience, Paltrow
says the movie can also help open up communication with your kids
about some of life's scarier situations.

"We do live in an unsafe world. That's the truth," she says. "I'm
dealing with that now with my seven-year-old [son Moses], who's
grappling with the fact that the world is unsafe and there are people
who do harmful things."

"I don't think there's anything wrong with presenting that idea," the
mother-of-two continues. "We can't lie to our children and pretend the
world is perfect and everybody's happy and out there to do good."

"I just know that after my children saw the movie I had certain
conversations with my son about it and it's a good place to have a
conversation," she says.

Downey kept it simple, saying "I like entertainers to talk about
entertainment" -- but then teasing "There's something about it [The
Mandarin backstory] that allows the air to be taken out of the

See if good prevails when "Iron Man 3" opens May 3.

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