Monday, 29 April 2013

Dubai has achieved what 'New York did in 150 years': US report US report says women are more respected in Dubai than in the West

Dubai achieved in 10 years what New York did in 150 years while the
emirate has become a safer place than London and other key western
capitals, a US news website has reported.

Huffington Post, one of the most popular online news services in the
West, described Dubai's preparations to win the hosting of the 2020
Expo as "mind-blowing" and said it could be the most culturally
diverse event.

"When I first heard about Dubai it was from someone who had never
been. They were quick to judge it as a fake materialistic city built
on nothing, full of dropout expats....when I first visited Dubai
nothing was further from the truth. It is the most delicious cocktail
of ancient and modernity, filled with every creed and colour, situated
in the belly button of the world. To me the reverse was true. It was a
stand out city, that exuded vitality and hope, a far cry from the
crisis infused gloom hanging over the West," the website said, quoting
its reporter BritChick Paris, a British woman residing in Paris.

"I can hear all the cynics ready to wade in but I cannot refute the
evidence I have from the last few weeks working here. It has been a
breath of fresh air. Not to mention the openness and creativity that
comes from a city that is exploding and growing at lightning speed. In
ten years it has achieved what New York did in a 150."

She added:"Dubai allows you to be you.....and controversially
especially if you are a woman. I'm not the only woman to think that. I
feel safer here in Dubai than I do in London or Paris. There is a
healthy respect that means you are just left alone, so long as you in
turn respect the local values and customs."

She said that in Europe there is often an underlying chauvinism that
means that men can do it better, hence the "paucity of women
boardmembers at big Western companies."

"Here in Dubai, from my experience and that of my entrepreneur friend
women in business are admired. For those who still sit on the fence I
encourage you to check out the city. Feel the rush of high octane
business district, the calm of the Palm, the mysticism of the desert
and the majesty of the Burj. This city is rocking its way into the 00s
and beyond.

Bring on the Olympics here, I say."

Paris described Dubai's efforts to host the 2020 Expo as "mind
blowing", noting that a whole area devoted to sustainability all house
by what she described as a beautifully sculpted solar roof.

"It would be the most culturally diverse expo to have ever been
created. You can be sure that the experience here as a visitor will be
so much slicker, efficient and futuristic than any other city
competing for it."

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