Monday, 29 April 2013

Dubai: British Trio Jailed For Four Years

Three British men, who say they were beaten by Dubai police and had
guns held to their heads, have been sentenced to four years in prison
for drug offences.
Grant Cameron, 25, Karl Williams, 26, and Suneet Jeerh, 25, were found
guilty of possession of synthetic cannabis, known as spice.
The men, from London, were arrested last July while they were on
holiday in the Gulf state.
Cameron's mother, Tracy, told Sky News her son was subjected to
electric shocks and beatings at the hands of police.
The three also claimed they were forced to sign documents in Arabic -
a language none of them understands - after having guns put to their
Mrs Cameron said on Sunday: "When he was initially arrested, the three
boys were separated, handcuffed, put into cars and driven into the
"It did appear that the CID officers were using different tactics to
try and disorientate the boys.
"They were beaten while handcuffed while in separate cars. Beaten
around the head, guns were held to their head and they received
various Taser injuries as well."
Williams also said he had electric shocks administered to his testicles.
Following the sentencing Mrs Cameron said she was "ecstatic" with the
result - the men's families had originally been warned they could face
the death penalty.
She told Sky News she was confident the men will be granted pardons
during an amnesty in Ramadan in July and will be free by the end of
the year.
She said she had seen her son for two hours last Thursday and that he
is being held in a maximum security prison in "quite harsh
Jeerh's sister Davena Kumar told Sky News she believes her brother is
innocent and that his lawyers will be appealing the sentence.
She also backed up the trio's claims of torture, saying: "I definitely
believe he was tortured, not only do I believe he was tortured, I've
actually seen the marks on his body still."
Pressure group Reprieve, which campaigns on behalf of prisoners, said
the men should be granted clemency and their torture allegations
should be thoroughly investigated.
Reprieve investigator Kate Higham said: "The central fact of this case
remains that these men were tortured by police, but there has been no
proper investigation into their abuse.
"The only reasonable course of action for the UAE authorities now is
to grant these men clemency, release them and allow them to return
home to their families.
"David Cameron must push for this when UAE President Sheikh Khalifa
arrives on a state visit tomorrow."
The UAE has said it has investigated the allegations of torture and
found them "baseless".
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has called for a full,
independent and impartial inquiry into the torture allegations and has
raised them with "very senior officials" in the UAE.

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