Friday, 19 April 2013

Beyonce & Jay Z’ Combined 2013 Net Worth To Hit A Billion Dollar

According to predictions from analysts, the combined net worth of
celebrity couple Beyonce & Jay-Z is set to hit a billion dollar mark
before the end of the year.

As at now, Beyonce's net worth is close to $400 million while that of
her hubby, Jay-z is $475 million.

With her new Mrs Carter show tour and her H&M deal coupled with Pepsi
endorsement deal, Beyonce is set to hit over $500 million net worth
before the mid of this year.

Jay-z on the other hand will hit close to $500 million with his
legends of the summer tour that is likely to fetch him close to $100

All of the above predictions by analyst will make their combined net
worth to hit over one billion dollars.

I know what some of your are probably thinking but I wont put words in
your mouth…

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