Monday, 11 March 2013

(Photo) Policeman Shoots Bus Conductor Dead at Ketu, Lagos! *Viewers Discretion Advised*

So what the heck is going on in Lagos? Why are policemen now shooting indiscriminately while enforcing Lagos traffic laws?
Last week an article was published on here on how they beat and stripped an Okada man at Unilag Junction.
Yesterday they killed another Okada man at Ilupeju Byepass.
Today another shooting, another death recorded.
A bus conductor was allegedly shot dead today at Tipper Garage in Ketu. Lagos State Government, what is going on? Is there like an order to shoot and kill individuals who break the new traffic laws? Why do these policemen feel it’s okay to just take life over a misunderstanding? Why are we not hearing about arrests and prosecutions of these police officers? WTF is this?
Continue to see the bus conductor killed today. *viewer discretion advised*

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