Friday, 15 March 2013

JUDE LAW Sues Fireplace Company -- I'm Too Hot For You!

Jude Law is HEATED over allegations his face has been hijacked by a
Canadian fireplace company ... and now, he's filed a lawsuit.

Jude filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming
Paloform illegally used his face in advertising on its website as well
as its Facebook page and Pinterest account.

And in case they've forgotten how famous he is, Jude calls himself
"one of the most recognized, highly regarded, critically acclaimed,
and commercially valuable motion picture actors in the world." He then
attaches his IMDb profile for good measure.

According to the lawsuit, Law never once gave permission for Paloform
to use his likeness ... and he wants them to pay up.

Law is suing for unspecified damages. He also wants a judge to order
the fireplace company to stop using his face.

FYI -- we did some cursory research ... and couldn't find Jude's face
on Paloform's Facebook, website, or Pinterest.

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