Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hackers Reveal Kim Kardashian’s Account Balance … Just $10,000 in the bank

The buzz following the publication of confidential financial reports of selected celebrities by a group of hackers is not dying down. The latest shocker is that Kim Kardashian  may not be as wealthy as we thought she was.
The Kim Kardashian hack has revealed that she only has $10,000 in the bank! Kanye West’s baby mama is practically broke (at least by Hollywood standards). She even owes $26,000 per month for mortgage payments and $2,000 per month for her car.
The credit report showed that Kim has a $5.6M mortgage on her Los Angeles home. But Kim paid only $4.8M on the home. The result however, is that Kim has to pay $26K a month in mortgage payments.
What happened to Dare’s 500k fee?Confused face…lol
I find it hard o believe..Maybe she invests her money in jewelry or assests

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