Monday, 4 March 2013

EXCLUSIVE REPORT: How Upcoming Act, Damino Damoche Was Murdered In Cold Blood

The death of upcoming artiste, Damino Damoche who was gunned down by unknown assailants on Thursday, February 28, 2013 in front of the gate of the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos, has caused a new wave of tension and fear in the university.
The singer, whose real names are Olaniyan Damilola was attacked by suspected cultists at around 4:30pm who shot him several times to the head and hand before speeding off on a motorbike leaving him to bleed to death.
A source at the campus told NET that the musician was a victim of a budding war between the ‘Black Axe Confraternity’ and the ‘Buccaneer Confraternity’ of which the musician allegedly belonged to. ‘The Black Axe and Buccaneer have been having some problems in recent times and Damoche was not the only victim in this war. Prior to Damoche’s demise, there was an Axe man that was killed days before, so it’s possible things are just escalating’ the source told us.
Contrary to reports that the musician had just finished writing a test before the attack, NET gathered that the musician was leaving the University’s Sport Centre where he had gone to support his department, Banking & Finance who were in the final of a football competition with the Department of Insurance.
Eyewitnesses say Damoche’s assailants apparently trailed him on a motorbike while he was on his way to his hotel located at Akesan, Iba area. ‘I was just leaving the gate when I noticed the altercation. Damoche had already boarded a bus when the cult guys accosted him and asked him to get down from the bus. Before you know it, they shot him in the head at close range’ one witness told NET.
The President of the Faculty of Management Science, Ilesanmi Bolanle Solomon told NET that the rising hiphop act was a popular student of the University and was not the kind to make trouble. He said, ‘I have known him for years. He is an easy going person. He’s not one of those people that put that celebrity (status) on their head, he goes on his own.’
Titilayo Akinsanmi, a Business Administration student who claimed to know the singer told NET, ‘It is very sad what has become of Olaniyan. He was such a gentle guy, who would have thought that he was a part of a cult’.
Another student who refused to give a name said the murders have become synonymous with the school. ‘It (murders) has become very rampant in this school especially when it is close to exam periods or during exams because that’s the time they can actually track their victims’, the source said.
Another student told our reporter, ‘But people get killed around the campus a lot of times, is it because he is a celebrity that you people are here asking questions like you care?’
Damoche’s involvement with the Buccaneer Confraternity at this time may not be fully ascertained, but there is a strong indication that he may have been killed for his association, perceived or real, with the confraternity by the rival.
NET also gathered that there was a reprisal attack by the Buccaneers on the same Thursday after Damoche was murdered.
Although the SUG claims not to be aware of the reprisal attack, multiple sources tell us two other suspected cultists were murdered in retaliation. ‘I have not gotten a valid information to that effect that anyone was gunned down. It is still a rumour, and a rumour would have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt before you can say it is valid’ the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Students Union Government (SUG) of the University,  Adeleke Stephen told NET in a chat.
The case is already being investigated by the Ojo Police Division according the General Secretary of the SUG, Tijani Mohammed. ‘Yesterday, the DPO actually said that there has been no gathered information as to the cause of his murder, but the police are actually working on it’ the comrade also added.
The University seems to have returned to its normal ambience with students getting back to their normal routine in preparation for exams which start in a week. But there is the fear that the last of the murders have not been heard as those familiar with cult clashes say there may be series of reprisals in the coming weeks.
Until his sudden death, Damoche, a 400 level student of Banking and Finance of the Lagos State University, Ojo and an indigene of Ogun State was a budding artiste who had started to gain popularity in Lagos for his infectious singles ‘Dadabuke’ and the lewd ‘Obotoshe’.

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