Wednesday, 6 March 2013

67yr old Australian grandma found dead after meeting with Nigerian man via Internet

A widowed grandmother, West Australian woman Jette Jacobs, 67, who travelled to South Africa,  to marry a Nigerian man she loved – Jesse Orowo Omokoh, 28,  has been found dead under suspicious circumstances in a Johannesburg guest house.
The pair had met on an online dating website.
Ms Jacobs had travelled to Africa to meet the Nigerian before, in a long distance relationship spanning three years – but this time they were to be married.  She wanted to settle in Nigeria despite the fact that her children had begged her to stay in WA.
One of Ms Jacobs’ six children, who did not want to be identified, revealed that a joint operation between WA Police and Consumer Protection, codenamed Project Sunbird, had sent Ms Jacobs a letter warning that she may be the victim of fraud, but it was too late.
By the time the letter arrived in Ms Jacobs’ mailbox she had already left for her ill-fated trip.
When her children met with detectives in South Africa, they discovered her money, jewellery, laptop and credit cards were all missing.
And then there was an empty pill bottle found near her.
Major fraud squad detective Dom Blackshaw said WA Police were now involved in the investigation and treating the death as “suspicious”.
“These relationship frauds are being perpetrated by ruthless overseas criminals who are members of organised crime syndicates,” he said.
To travel to Africa to visit someone you have met on the internet is extremely dangerous and could, as in the case of Ms Jacobs, cost your life.”
Jesse Omokoh Orowo is presently on the run, he vanished since the incident occured…

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