Saturday, 23 February 2013

Osaze Vs Keshi: Taribo West Tells Osaze ‘Shut up and focus on your career’

Former Nigeria defender, Taribo West, has slammed  Osaze Odemwingie, for his comments on the state of the country’s ex-internationals.
You will recall that Osaze verbally attacked the super eagles coach on twitter a few days ago.
Osaze tweeted that football administrators had failed to “treat former internationals right” citing late striker Rashidi Yekini, Femi Opabunmi and Taribo as examples.

“Yekini, (may his soul RIP) our legend died in poverty…Femi Opabunmi lost his sight and struggling to feed now…T. West I heard not so comfortable and few others,” Osaze tweeted.
Well Taribo West has responded, by asking Osaze to focus on his career rather than using social network site, Twitter, to ‘abuse’ his elders.
Taribo, who has now turned pastor, further replied Osaze by saying, “It is embarrassing to read such comments about me in the newspapers. The last time he probably saw me was in 2008, so what does he know about me?

“Have I asked him for money before? God has been kind to me and my ministry and I have not begged anybody for money. I am doing well; I am not broke and never will be till Christ comes. In Christ, I have everything, so I am not lacking. I think he has lost track and needs to get himself together.
He should shut up and focus on his career instead of insulting his seniors all the time. He needs to respect his elders. His utterances smacks of indiscipline and unprofessionalism. He should apologise to everyone he’s been abusing on Twitter because if he continues like this, he will not go far.”


  1. Lol.. This story got me laughing soo hard.. I can imagine Taribos face wen he was writing this reply.. There's some facts on baba T's side tho, we shd respect eachother and focus on our careers I.e the Monayyy... And happyness!! Hehe

  2. LMAO! Taribo West is sad yo